Accessible Typography for Web & UI Design

by Oliver Schöndorfer – presented by FG Werbung

Z I M M E R, Piaristengasse 6-8, 1080 Vienna

Accessible Typography for Web & UI Design, Workshop

How can you best combine sublime typography with web accessibility? This fun and practical workshop gives you clear guidelines for a seemingly too fuzzy area. Learn how to set the text in your design projects beautifully accessible, making it reach and convince more people, while meeting legal requirements.

Great typography meets accessibility

Typography is fundamental to web and UI design, but with its many rules and conventions it can often be overwhelming. Web Accessibility is a common requirement, but the guidelines can feel very complicated and fuzzy, when it comes to visual design. This workshop combines both topics in a way visual designers can understand and apply them. Instead of thinking of it as a hurdle or limitation, learn to see accessibility requirements as another source of inspiration.

The workshop covers

  • Which WCAG requirements (success criteria) matter for visual design.
  • How to assess if a typeface is accessible.
  • Which contrast requirements are crucial.
  • What are the best font sizes.
  • The ideal line length, line height and letter spacing.
  • Suggestions of handy tools, plugins and resources.
  • Short exercises, letting you apply what you just learned, right away.
  • If you want to, bring your own project and get feedback.

For whom this workshop is

This workshop is specifically aimed towards visual designers, UI, app, or graphic designers – however you wanna call yourself 😉. It will not be technical, so not about HTML elements or providing alt tags. It is a deep dive into typography and accessibility, not accessible web design in general. The goal of the workshop is taking the weight out of an often overwhelming and fuzzy topic, and breaking it down into practical, usable steps.

What you’ll need

Your own computer and a free Figma account for doing the exercises.

OFFF Vienna Festival Ticket is not compulsory but appreciated. Presented by FG Werbung – special thanks to Emanuela Sarac from Halle34


Turtle Graphics - Old school generative Art with p5.js and Axidraw

by Process Studio – presented by FG Werbung

Design Austria, MuseumsQuartier Museumsplatz 1, Hof 7, 1070 Vienna

Start out with creative coding using an intuitive approach first developed for kids in the 1960s. Learn to create generative drawings using only three basic commands that move a virtual pen, called a turtle, around the canvas.

Revived and brought to modern creative coding platform p5.js, this technique not only allows you to create digital images, but the same code will drive an Axidraw flatbed pen plotter, a drawing machine that uses pens or markers to draw your artwork on paper.

Your own computer is required.

OFFF Vienna Festival Ticket is not compulsory but appreciated. Presented by FG Werbung – special thanks to Emanuela Sarac from Halle34


OFFF24 - Digital Portfolio Review

by WILD – presented by FG Werbung

Studio Wild, Zieglergasse 65/2, 1070 Vienna

We're excited to host our first digital design portfolio review, tailored specifically for those embarking on careers in digital design fields. If you'll be in Vienna, whether you're a student, a recent graduate, or within your first year of professional experience, this event offers a prime opportunity to receive feedback the team at wild.

Are you aiming to carve a niche in digital design? Our upcoming portfolio review is designed just for you!

Gain invaluable insights as your work is evaluated by seasoned digital designers, senior designers, and creative directors, all equipped with extensive knowledge of the digital spectrum of the industry. They will review your portfolio, provide professional feedback, and assist you in navigating your path into the digital design landscape.

This is an ideal chance for you to obtain crucial advice from professionals and to network with fellow emerging digital designers.

The review session will be hosted at wilds office from 3:00 PM to 6:00 pm. Space is limited (12 people), so be sure to sign up early to secure your spot.

The event will be dynamic, consisting of breakout rooms where groups of three emerging designers and one reviewer will interact. You'll have the opportunity to present and discuss your work and receive tailored advice and feedback. The groups will rotate, allowing you to meet multiple experts over the course of the afternoon.

Please note that this session is intended for those looking to enter the field of digital design, with no more than one year of experience. You are required to bring along one to two projects or pieces that best represent your work — even if your portfolio is not yet complete.

Don't miss this chance to elevate your digital design career with direct input from leading professionals in the field!

We’ll have some drinks and snacks!

OFFF Vienna Festival Ticket is not compulsory but appreciated. Presented by FG Werbung – special thanks to Emanuela Sarac from Halle34


1st Merchzilla Merchandising & Fashion Solutions Masterclass

by Milan „Milo“ Seiderer / Head of Merchzilla & Lilo Krebernik / adhocrates collective

Merchzilla.com / Adhoc Pad, Kienmayergasse 22, 1140 Wien

How to design and produce Merch that people actually want

Milan “Milo” Seiderer / Head of Merchzilla aka “The Message Tailor”

30 years of expertise in the areas of design, textile production and textile finishing, entertainment & brand building.The trained graphic designer and hip-hop pioneer is passionate about making merch that people want and wantputs its expertise holistically at the service of the desired message.

Lilo Krebernik / adhocrates collective

The illustrator and designer combines many of his jobs and projects with board sports, from snowboard graphics to skateboard events. Casual clothing is one of his focuses as a graphic designer with numerous collections for Red Bull, KTM, Atomic, Rotax and many others."

You will get an exclusive, practical insight in a pleasant, small group.

  • Successfully set up and implement merch projects correctly.
  • Tips & tricks on how to efficiently brand or refine textiles.
  • Sustainable merch - What do I have to consider?
  • Save time and nerves - Which print data enable smooth production?
  • Practical tips and tricks for your work with customers and production partners.
  • Look & Feel - get information and inspiration about the state of the art finishing techniques in the Merchzilla showroom.

SPECIAL Hands On* – Trying out is better than studying. Design and print your own STANLEY/STELLA Organic Canvas Tote Bag in the Merchzilla Lab.

The workshop will be held in german.

As part of this event, by or on behalf of Merchzilla.com Simic KG photographs and/or films are created. By registering for the event, I acknowledge that photographs and video materials in which I am depicted will be used for press reporting and published in various (social) media, publications and on merchzilla.com websites. 

*Material costs EUR 25 covered by the registration fee.