Studio Blup

London – Branding, Design

BLUP® is a New World Creative Agency that specialises in providing exclusive insights, strategies, and design to keep brands ahead of the cultural curve.

They are immersed in the latest trends and emerging culture, allowing them to create work that is a product of its time and place.

They recognise the necessity to initiate and build their own platforms and have done so through initiatives like BLUP:GEN and BLUPX, which demonstrate their unique expertise to potential clients and have built a following that proves their work connects with the audience.

Being born into digital culture, BLUP® is ideally positioned to exploit emerging platforms because their work has evolved through their practice. Their process evolves relentlessly, just like the culture that feeds their ideas. With over 50,000 followers online and their own apparel range, BLUP is not like other agencies; they are a brand in their own right. They have been creating award-winning content and experiences since 2012, and their mantra of ‘Live the culture, learn the culture, deliver the culture’ provides them with an organic dynamism that ensures their work and ideas are not a transient trend.

If you are interested in the future direction of the industry, BLUP® is leading the way. They are the vanguard of change, creating work that is 3 steps ahead, and demonstrating their expertise to potential clients. BLUP®'s work is proof that it connects with the audience and provides an alternative to the monoculture that exists in far too many creative boardrooms.