Eyup Kuş

Vienna – Artist, Filmmaker – presenting the OFFFVienna Main Titles 2024

Eyup Kuş is a Multifaceted Artist and Experimental Filmmaker

His background in Theater, Film, and Media Studies has provided a solid foundation for his exploration of audiovisual design and storytelling.

Kuş's work delves into unconventional and emotionally charged narratives. Through experimentation with various film formats, visual effects, and the dynamic interplay between light and sound, he challenges traditional storytelling conventions.

His abstract short films have earned recognition at international film festivals, showcasing his avant-garde approach to visual storytelling. These films offer audiences a different perspective, where imagery and sound merge to evoke unique emotions and inspire creativity.

His artistic range also extends to music, where he actively contributes to multiple musical groups and is currently developing his solo project, KARGA.

In a world where multimedia artistry and experimental filmmaking intersect, Eyup Kuş emerges as a thoughtful creator who explores the boundaries of conventional narratives, inviting viewers to experience a fresh and unconventional approach to visual and auditory storytelling.